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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Hypertension (High Blood Pressure) - The Silent Killer

(A little side note - because this is such a serious topic, I wanted to lighten things up a bit with a little cartoon.  I searched Google Images trying to find one featuring women and high blood pressure....interestingly, they all featured men.  This reinforces my perception that hypertension, and heart disease in general, is still perceived as a "male only" issue - which it is not! ) 

High blood pressure is often referred to as the "silent killer" because there are usually no symptoms.
You can have high blood pressure, or hypertension, and still feel just fine.  Hypertension is a major health problem and if not controlled can lead to stroke, heart disease, eye problems, or kidney failure and can, in fact, affect all organs of the body.

Without regular blood pressure check-ups you put yourself at risk of serious health problems.  However, by being informed and taking action, you can get your high blood pressure under control before it becomes a problem.

Take control of your body, be proactive and have regular blood pressure monitoring!

I referenced the following sites for the information contained in this post  -

Next week...Five common myths about high blood pressure!


Disclaimer - 
The material provided on this site is designed for information and educational purposes only. The materials are not intended to be a self diagnostic and/or self treatment tool. I encourage you to use this information as a tool for discussing your condition with your health practitioner.

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At June 29, 2011 at 4:32 AM , Blogger Duncan D. Horne said...

Thanks for this nice little reminder. My wife has high bp and suffered with it throughout her recent pregnancy. After the birth, she still needs medication and regular check ups at the clinic to keep it under control. I'll be taking it very seriously after reading your little piece.

Duncan In Kuantan

At June 29, 2011 at 10:52 AM , Blogger Kathy said...

This certainly is a serious problem. Years ago I was more tired than usual, so was 'pushing'. then I just didn't feel well. Come to find out, it 'was' high blood pressure, with no apparent symptoms. Thankfully I am now on medication to treat this and keep healthy. Thanks for the links and the reminder.
That is interesting that you couldn't find a woman for your picture.

At June 30, 2011 at 6:58 AM , Blogger Ann said...

Most women foget to take care of themselves as they busy themselves with minding the health of their partners, children, parents etc. I don't think this message can be brought to the forefront too often.

At July 11, 2011 at 2:56 AM , Blogger Jacobs @ Bluthochdruck Senken said...

Thanks for this post, it's so important to be aware of blood pressure. My wife was diagnosed in her 30s and with the help of medication has been fine ever since - it's worth asking your doctor to take two minutes to check.

- Jacobs, Bluthochdruck Senken Advocator


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