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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Taking "Ten Amazing Foods" one step further!!

I'm on a bit of a recipe kick right now, so for ten Wednesdays I'll give you a healthy recipe, one for each of the "10 Amazing Foods" from the March 30th post -

The nineth on my list of amazing foods is yogurt and the recipe to go with it is -
Homemade Yogurt
2 Litres Milk (whole milk makes a creamier yogurt but low fat works well too)
1 Tbsp. Plain unsweetened yogurt (be sure it has “active bacterial culture”)
Pour milk into a large pot, clip on a candy thermometer and warm the milk over medium heat, stirring occasionally until temperature reaches 180F (60C). Don’t let it burn or scorch on the bottom of the pot. 
Remove from heat and allow cooling to 115F (54C). Preheat oven to 110F (43C). 
 Skim the milk skin off the top, add the Tbsp. yogurt and stir to combine.  Pour milk through a fine sieve into sterilized glass jars. Place the containers in the warmed oven. 
Turn the oven off and wait 6-8 hours.  When the milk stays firm when the container is tilted remove the jars from the oven and refrigerate.    (Save one Tbsp of this yogurt for your next batch)
Will keep, unopened and refrigerated, approximately 3 weeks.
(Note – I sterilize my jars by placing them on a small sheet pan and putting them in a 350F (180C) oven for 20 minutes.)




At June 1, 2011 at 10:45 AM , Blogger Ruth said...

I always wanted to know how to make homemade yogurt.
Does the oven need to be gas so it has a pilot light always on? Cause mine is electric.

At June 1, 2011 at 2:31 PM , Blogger Alexis said...

I have *always* wanted to make my own yogurt but I'm afraid I won't get through it fast enough. Maybe I need to start a yogurt co-op with some of my married friends. Thank you for sharing!

At June 2, 2011 at 12:07 PM , Blogger Kathy said...

Oh that looks so delicious...and a lot less expensive than buying it by the container.
Thanks for sharing.....into my recipe box it goes!!

At June 3, 2011 at 9:34 AM , Blogger Whole said...

I'm a new follower. It's a good idea to make your own yoghurt. I used to have one of those little yoghurt makers with the individual glass jars but I haven't used it in years. Good recipe..
Bea Jay


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